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Turf Fertilization Made Easy

We are keeping an eye on soil temperatures for the right time of year to prevent crabgrass and summer weeds in your lawn. Right now our soil temperatures are running 5 degrees colder than average. Annual weeds decide when to germinate based on ground average 3 and 5 days ground temperatures. We monitor these clues to indicate when pre-emergent weed control apps should be applied to the lawn. Applying to early reduces the length of weed control prevention and applying too late causes weeds to germinate before we have a chance to stop them.

The Basics First

We have a program to treat it all. We can treat various insects above and below ground, fungus, poor soil and soil compaction, weed prevention and post-emergent weed control. But with the various services, none are more important than a premium turf fertilization program. A well fed and appropriately watered lawn gives the grass it's best chance at preventing fungus, insects, and weeds naturally. Drought and poor nutrition make conditions prime for these invaders to take control. Our basic turf fertilization program starts with a balanced premium slow release fertilizer with proven feeding results that feeds the lawn 10-12 months out of the year depending on temperatures. During each fertilization, we also incorporate humic acids into the soil. Humic acids provide the benefits of:

  • Improved Soil Structure in both sandy and heavy compact clay soils

  • Increases water holding capacity of soil

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Stimulates microbial activity which aids in root stimulation

  • Stimulates plant enzymes and growth

  • Flushes out high levels of salt in the root zone

  • Provides increased soil aeration

Convenient and Affordable Pricing

Starting at $32 a month, let us take the guess work out of turf enhancement with our turn-key fertilization and weed control programs. We bill our clients for their selected turf enhancement program based on 12 monthly installments verses billing per service. This spreads out the expensive costs of services into easy monthly payments. To get started, give us a call and we will create a plan that fits your needs.

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